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Brand: Ahrend Model: Loungescape
Ahrend Loungescape modulair setup The Ahrend Ahrend Loungescape seating systems Various seating element from Ahrend Loungescape. All models are fully upholstered with Camira Blazer fabric in various colors. The Ahrend Loungescape is a modular, very flexible lounge program with a friendly, co..
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Artifort Orbit Couch Artifort Orbit Couch
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Brand: Artifort Model: Orbit
Artifort Orbit Couch The Artifort Harcourt Armchair is a 30-year-old design armchair. Artifort stands for Art and Comfort. Timeless and trendsetting. The armchair has a luxurious appearance due to the generous seat and offers wonderful seating comfort. Equipped with original upholstery that is in..
€ 1,210.00
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Brand: Buzzispace Model: BuzziHive
Buzzishade Buzzispace With the BuzziSpace from BuzziHive you create a nice and quiet working atmosphere in every room. The design of the BuzziHive is inspired by a train compartment and thus provides an oasis of silence in any room. The sound-absorbing walls provide a private workplace without lo..
€ 3,569.50
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Castelli Axis 106 bench Castelli Axis 106 bench
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Brand: Castelli Model: Axis 106 Wachtkamerbank
Castelli Axis 106 Bench Castelli Axis 106 Waiting Room Bench The Castelli 106 is one of Castelli's most famous designs. Designed in 1965 by Giancarlo Piretti, it is still an object with an innovative and attractive design. The 1965 DSC 106 chair was redesigned in the early 1970s and became a modu..
€ 363.00
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Brand: Ineke Hans Model: Low Elephant Sofa
Ineke Hans Low Elephant sofa Used sofa in burgundy color by Ineke Hans. The sofa has a low model and wonderfully soft upholstery. The sofa will look good in a modern home or waiting room. The design of the sofa is from 2001.. More information Ocazu only sells used products. Used products ca..
€ 332.75
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Brand: Mitab Model: Amanda
Mitab Amanda Waitingbench Showroom Model Mitab Amanda Waiting room sofa Mitab is a Scandinavian market leader when it comes to climate-friendly but above all sleek design furniture. The Amanda Beam is a flexible system for different types of waiting areas. The system is based on the possibil..
€ 605.00
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Brand: Mitab Model: Caslon sofa
Mitab Caslon Sofa Showroom model! The Caslon sofa by Mitab is a high-quality sofa with international potential and generosity. Uncompromising comfort, built with Nozag and cold foam. Caslon is architectural in the outer forms and has nice seams that enhance the sense of exclusivity. From a distan..
€ 3,327.50
Ex Tax: € 2,750.00
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Brand: Mitab Model: Mute Akoestische Bank
Mitab Mute Acoustic Benches Mitab Mute Acoustic Bench Mitab is truly the market leader when it comes to Scandinavian-quality design. By using circular materials and interesting designs, they manage to amaze every season with innovative designs. This acoustic bench helps you and your colleagues..
€ 1,815.00
Ex Tax: € 1,500.00
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Brand: Moroso Model: Fjord Wachtkamer bank
Moroso Fjord Waiting Sofa When it comes to quality furniture from Italy, Moroso is the right place for you. As early as 1994, Moroso was the first Italian furniture factory to receive an ISO 9001 quality management certificate. This was followed by the ISO 14001 environmental certificate in 19..
€ 907.50
Ex Tax: € 750.00
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Brand: Poltrona Frau Model: Hydra Castor
Poltrona Frau Hydra Castor sofa The Poltrona Frau Castor Hydra sofas were designed by Luca Scacchetti around 2005 in Italy. Poltrona Frau has been making sofas of very high quality and the best leathers for over 100 years. We have these used but still very neat sofas in 3 different colors (blue, ..
€ 1,512.50
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Brand: Brakels Model: Springvale Burnley Couch
Chesterfield Burnley Couch With Springvale Chesterfields you have come to the right place for everything in the field of original chesterfields. In our furniture store you will find the most traditional, classic and contemporary vintage furniture from the top brand Springvale. The Burnley c..
€ 3,327.50
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Steelcase  B-Free Picknick set Steelcase  B-Free Picknick set
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Brand: Steelcase Model: B-Free Picknick set
Steelcase B-free Picknickset Used Steelcase B-free picnic bench and table set. Steelcase is a high-quality furniture manufacturer with an eye for design and quality. With this eye-catcher set you can make every meeting room, reception room or even the dining room at home attractive and yet ..
€ 726.00
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