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Brand: Overig Model: Linak Maatwerk
 Custom Linak Sit-Stand Desk Beautiful used sit-stand custom desks are electronically adjustable and offer you plenty of space to work in an organized and varied manner. With a high-gloss white top, CPU holder, built-in power supply and Ethernet ports, this desk makes your office appear cal..
€ 1,512.50
Ex Tax: € 1,250.00
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Brand: Overig Model: Kruk
Luxury Design Bar Stool Stackable These used design stackable bar stools are very attractive and look great in a modern catering environment. Minimalist, elegant due to the streamlined profile. The slim seat shell is made of stainless steel laminate and the frame is made of chrome. The luxury sto..
€ 90.75
Ex Tax: € 75.00
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Brand: Overig Model: Overig Akoestische Kast
Akoestic  Cabinets These acoustic cabinets combine high acoustic values ​​with a beautiful design and robust build quality. The are produced from high-density glass wool. The visible sides have a high-quality and impact-resistant finish. The recognizable colors know how to create an open and..
€ 605.00
Ex Tax: € 500.00
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Brand: Overig Model: Akoestische Wandpanelen
Acoustic Walpanels coloured  Deze akoestische wandpanelen combineren hoge akoestische waarden met een stevig paneel. De panelen zijn geproduceerd uit glaswol met een hoge dichtheid. De zichtzijdes zijn hoogwaardig en  stootvast afgewerkt.  De herkenbare kleuren weten in&n..
€ 90.75
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Brand: Overig Model: stilte werkplek
Akoestische stilte werkplekken 3 pers NEW New acoustic divided silence workstations in various designs. These acoustic silence workplaces are real atmosphere makers and create handy soundproof workplaces at any location. Easy to set up and expand thanks to a modular base. For sale in sets o..
€ 1,452.00
Ex Tax: € 1,200.00
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Brand: Overig Model: stilte werkplekken
Acoustical Working spaces 3Persons Used acoustic divided silence workplaces in different designs. These acoustic silence workplaces are real atmosphere makers and create handy soundproof workplaces at any location. Easy to set up and expand thanks to a modular base. For sale in sets of 3 wor..
€ 1,089.00
Ex Tax: € 900.00
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Brand: Overig Model: 611 Chair
Artek Chair 611 Stackable Chair The Artek Chair 611 is a chair with a solid birch frame together with a seat and back made of woven fabric (linen). Designed to provide comfort and ease of use with the use of linen, making the chair exceptionally comfortable. The Artek Chair 611 can be ..
€ 393.25
Ex Tax: € 325.00
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Balma Calvados drawer unit Balma Calvados drawer unit
Out Of Stock
Brand: Overig Model: Adiform
Balma Calvados drawer unit   More information Ocazu only sells used products. Used products can have signs of wear and that is why we advise you to come by at all times to look at the products yourself. Do you want more information? Please contact us by email
€ 363.00
Ex Tax: € 300.00
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Brand: Overig Model: Black Oak Uplighter
Black Oak Uplighter The Black Oak Uplighter is a stylish design lamp with natural details. This Uplighter lamp is a real eye-catcher when it comes to lighting. Color is aluminum with black oak accent in leg. For ideal indirect lighting of your (home) workplace! Meer informatie Ocazu verkoop..
€ 484.00
Ex Tax: € 400.00
In stock: 1
Brand: Overig Model: Blauwe Bureaustoel
Blue Fabric  office chair Productinformatie Gebruikte bureaustoel met een blauwe stoffering en lederen armleggers. De rugleuning van de stoel is een hoog model.  Ocazu verkoopt uitsluitend gebruikte producten. Op gebruikte producten kunnen gebruikerssporen zitten en daarom adviser..
€ 423.50
Ex Tax: € 350.00
In stock: 6
Brand: Overig Model: Alu clack
Brune Alu Clac Collapsible Coat Rack Lightweight design coat rack made of aluminum so that the coat rack can easily be taken to trade fairs, repositioned, etc. By pressing the button, both the legs and the hanging part fold out. After use, you can fold the coat rack back into a compact round alum..
€ 242.00
Ex Tax: € 200.00
In stock: 10
Brand: Overig Model: Butterfly Monitor Arm Single
Butterfly Monitor Arm  With a high-quality monitor arm, you can regularly adjust your posture in relation to your monitor, thus reducing tension in your back, neck, shoulders, arms and other body parts. In order to work comfortably and healthily, the monitor arm is often the first thing t..
€ 90.75
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