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Ansorg Quadra BSI Uplighter Lamp Ansorg Quadra BSI Uplighter Lamp
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Brand: Larelco Model: Ansorg Quadra BSI Uplighter
Ansorg Quadra BSI Uplighter Lamp..
€ 302.50
Ex Tax: € 250.00
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Zumtobel Light Fields uplighter Zumtobel Light Fields uplighter
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Brand: Larelco Model: Light Fields uplighter
Zumtobel Light Fields uplighter Used Zumtobel Lightfields Uplighter floor standing lamp.  The Light Fields' light can be controlled completely, according to needs and taste, individually. The integrated SenseControl light management makes all this possible. Its daylight and presence senso..
€ 302.50
Ex Tax: € 250.00
In stock: 10

Brand: BD Barcelona Model: Love Lamp
Bd Barcelona love Lamp by Ross Lovegrove This particular lamp designed by Ross Lovegrove for BD Barcelona design was a radical innovation, this second piece in the collection is a hybrid between a chair and a lamp and opens up new territory in the concept of designing transit spaces. Like..
€ 1,815.00
Ex Tax: € 1,500.00
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Brand: Overig Model: Pirellone
Fontana Arte Pirellone Floor Lamp The used Pirellone by Fontana Arte is a beautiful design floor lamp inspired by the Pirelli tower (the most famous skyscraper in Milan) in Italy. The lamp is a beautiful and striking addition to any interior. The Fontana Arte Pirellone floor lamp provides diffuse..
€ 1,210.00
Ex Tax: € 1,000.00
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Brand: Overig Model: Milano Uplighter
Zeus Milano Uplighter The Zeus Milano is a lamp that is designed in a beautiful and above all unique way. The Milano has, as the name suggests, a stylish look. Zeus is known for their use of quality materials, which is also reflected in this eye-catcher. Meer informatie Ocazu ver..
€ 302.50
Ex Tax: € 250.00
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Brand: Larelco Model: plighter
Larelco Uplighter Larelco is an Italian Design brand that has earned its stripes. With many stylish designs from the 70s/80s, Larelco has provided beautiful solutions for the office, the showroom or at home. Used Larelco Uplighter. This floor lamp has a black square foot and a black frame. ..
€ 90.75
Ex Tax: € 75.00
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Brand: Belux Model: Bia Vloerlamp
Classicon Bia Floorlight ClassiCon Design was founded in 1990 by Stefan Fischer von Poturzyn. At that time, it had exclusive Classic Design licenses for designs by Otto Blümel, Eckart Muthesius, Walter Gropius and Bruno Paul. ClassiCon Design obtained the exclusive license agreement for Eileen..
€ 302.50
Ex Tax: € 250.00
In stock: 5

Brand: Overig Model: Black Oak Uplighter
Black Oak Uplighter The Black Oak Uplighter is a stylish design lamp with natural details. This Uplighter lamp is a real eye-catcher when it comes to lighting. Color is aluminum with black oak accent in leg. For ideal indirect lighting of your (home) workplace! Meer informatie Ocazu verkoop..
€ 484.00
Ex Tax: € 400.00
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Brand: Belux Model: Stele Uplighter
Belux Stele Uplighter Belux  is a design brand from Switzerland that focuses on the production of exclusive, high-quality design lighting. The brand was founded in 1970 by Thomas Egloff. The entire range is developed and produced in-house to guarantee high quality. The Stele floor lamp..
€ 356.95
Ex Tax: € 295.00
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