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Brand: Alias Model: Fly
Alias Fly 4-leg Chair Stackable The Alias Fly used is an all-round stackable design chair. There are few well-balanced curved lines of a chair that is both lightweight and sturdy, precise and innovative. The chair can be used as a dining chair, waiting chair or canteen chair. Can also be used out..
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Amat Miralook Chair Amat Miralook Chair
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Brand: Amat Model: Miralook
Amat Miralook Chair..
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Brand: Amat Model: Miralook
Amat Miralook Chair..
€ 121.00
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Brand: Arper Model: Palm
Arper Palm 4-leg Chair The Arper Catifa 53 swivel chair used is the big sister of the Catifa 46. The same design, but a wider seat. A comfortable, stylish chair that has become a real design classic! The chair has a rotating base, gracefully curved seat and a slim profile. The universal shape mak..
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Brand: Arper Model: Pamplona Kantine stoel
Arper Pamplona cantinechair The Fantastic used Arper Pamplona chair has a distinctive retro design. Made from robust recyclable materials and stackable, this chair lends itself perfectly to contract or home use. A lightweight aluminum frame, polypropylene back and seat. Minor wear from age ..
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Brand: Howe Model: 40/4
Howe 40/4 Stackable Conference chairs The Howe 40/4 chairs are real atmosphere makers. The 40/4 is the system chair that David Rowland designed for Howe in 1964. The Howe 40/4 is a timeless design that has sold millions worldwide. The chair exudes elegance and simplicity and offers great seating ..
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Brand: Kartell Model: Dr. NO
Kartell Dr. NO 4-leg Chair The used Kartell Dr. NO 4 leg is a true classic. The chair looks beautiful and is very comfortable. The pastel shades are soft and also easy to combine with each other. Indoors or out, at home or in a restaurant, you want to see this chair everywhere. Dr.NO is one of th..
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Brand: Amat Model: Label
Label 4-Leg Chair The used 4-legged chair from Label is a modern design. The chair has a chrome frame and a woven backrest made of sturdy plastic and a green seat cushion that can also be removed. The chair is suitable for on the terrace or as a visitor's chair. The Label chair was designed by G..
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Pedrali Gliss 904 Wood Pedrali Gliss 904 Wood
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Brand: Pedrali Model: Gliss 904 Wood
Pedrali Gliss 904 White When it comes to Pedrali designs, everyone knows that they belong to the top segment of Italian designer furniture. The Italian Pedrali Gliss 904 is a true design classic. The Gliss 904 chairs were designed by Italian Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci. This ensures tha..
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Brand: Amat Model: Jim
Workware Jim 4Leg Chair The used Jim chair from Workware is a beautiful, strong stackable plastic chair. The chair is very comfortable due to the organically shaped seat and is made of soft-touch polypropylene. Jim is available in many colors and can be upholstered. Jim is suitable for public spa..
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