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Outdoor chairs

Brand: Alias Model: Fly
Alias Fly 4-leg Chair Stackable The Alias Fly used is an all-round stackable design chair. There are few well-balanced curved lines of a chair that is both lightweight and sturdy, precise and innovative. The chair can be used as a dining chair, waiting chair or canteen chair. Can also be used out..
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Amat Miralook Chair Amat Miralook Chair
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Brand: Amat Model: Miralook
Amat Miralook Chair..
€ 121.00
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Brand: Amat Model: Miralook
Amat Miralook Chair..
€ 121.00
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Brand: Arper Model: Palm
Arper Palm 4-leg Chair The Arper Catifa 53 swivel chair used is the big sister of the Catifa 46. The same design, but a wider seat. A comfortable, stylish chair that has become a real design classic! The chair has a rotating base, gracefully curved seat and a slim profile. The universal shape mak..
€ 96.80
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Brand: Howe Model: 40/4
Howe 40/4 Stackable Conference chairs The Howe 40/4 chairs are real atmosphere makers. The 40/4 is the system chair that David Rowland designed for Howe in 1964. The Howe 40/4 is a timeless design that has sold millions worldwide. The chair exudes elegance and simplicity and offers great seating ..
€ 121.00
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Brand: Kartell Model: Dr. NO
Kartell Dr. NO 4-leg Chair The used Kartell Dr. NO 4 leg is a true classic. The chair looks beautiful and is very comfortable. The pastel shades are soft and also easy to combine with each other. Indoors or out, at home or in a restaurant, you want to see this chair everywhere. Dr.NO is one of th..
€ 90.75
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Brand: Amat Model: Label
Label 4-Leg Chair The used 4-legged chair from Label is a modern design. The chair has a chrome frame and a woven backrest made of sturdy plastic and a green seat cushion that can also be removed. The chair is suitable for on the terrace or as a visitor's chair. The Label chair was designed by G..
€ 181.50
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Brand: Amat Model: Jim
Workware Jim 4Leg Chair The used Jim chair from Workware is a beautiful, strong stackable plastic chair. The chair is very comfortable due to the organically shaped seat and is made of soft-touch polypropylene. Jim is available in many colors and can be upholstered. Jim is suitable for public spa..
€ 60.50
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