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Canteen chairs

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De Valk Easy chair stackable De Valk Easy chair stackable
Just in
Brand: De Valk Model: Easy Chair
De Valk Easy chair stackable The Easy chair from the well-known Dutch brand De Valk is a practical stacking chair with a classic appearance. The timeless design can be used in any environment such as schools, education and canteens. The Easy is perfect as a school chair or canteen chair, because ..
€ 60.50
Ex Tax: € 50.00
In stock: 12

Brand: Thonet Model: S166 Special Leather
Thonet S166 4-legged Chair Special Black Leather The used S166 4-leg chair from Thonet is modern and luxurious. A suitable chair for the meeting room, waiting room and canteen. The chair is stackable (up to 17 pieces) and linkable, making it ideal for conferences. The base of the used Thone..
€ 356.95
Ex Tax: € 295.00
In stock: 39

Brand: Kusch & Co Model: Hola 2200 4-poot gestoffeerd
Kusch & Co Hola 4Leg Chair The Kusch & co is a real classic. A chair with a functional design intended for meeting and conference rooms as well as for auditoriums. The seat and backrest have an ergonomic design. The armrests are made of polyamide. The round frame gives the Hola its charac..
€ 151.25
Ex Tax: € 125.00
In stock: 7

Brand: Vitra Model: Vitra DSS-N Stoel
Vitra Eames Vitra Plastic Side Chair DSS-N Chair The used Vitra DSS-N chair is a true classic with a timeless design. These new 'Plastic' variants have been produced since the 1990s. In contrast to the traditional Fiberglass chairs, the Plastic Chairs are made from thoroughly colored poly..
€ 211.75
Ex Tax: € 175.00
In stock: 30

Brand: Labofa Model: Shark Walnut 4-poot stoel
Labofa Shark 4-leg Chair Walnut The used Labofa Shark canteen chair has a clear and expressive character. The design of the chair almost resembles an animated design. Its slightly forward-leaning posture together with the shell's strongly arched, thin neck accentuates the chair's graceful..
€ 151.25
Ex Tax: € 125.00
In stock: 6

Brand: Overig Model: DSR Look A Like 4-
DSR Look A Like 4-Leg Chair The used DSR Look A Like 4-leg chair is a real classic timeless design based on the iconic design of Vitra by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950. With a nice seating, a sturdy frame and a comfortable pillow is this a nice chair at the office but aswel..
€ 42.35
Ex Tax: € 35.00
In stock: 10

Brand: Arper Model: Arper Catifa 46 4-Poot Mokka
Arper Catifa 46 4-leg chair Mokka  The Arper Catifa 46 is the small sister to the Arper Catifa 53. This minimalist and elegant chair has a streamlined profile and is ideal for spaces where a more compact chair is required. Arpers' 46 4-leg chair is stackable and therefore very suitable for p..
€ 121.00
Ex Tax: € 100.00
In stock: 6

Arper Catifa 46 Swivel Conference Upholstered Chairs Arper Catifa 46 Swivel Conference Upholstered Chairs
Out Of Stock
Brand: Arper Model: 46 Swivel Conference Upholstered Chairs
Arper Catifa 46 Swivel Conference Upholstered Chairs The Arper Catifa 46 is the little sister of the Arper Catifa 53. The same design, but a smaller seat. A comfortable, stylish chair that has become a true design classic! The chair has a luxurious rotating base, gracefully curved seat and a ..
€ 272.25
Ex Tax: € 225.00
Out of stock

Brand: Pedrali Model: Gliss 904 Wood
Pedrali Gliss 904 White When it comes to Pedrali designs, everyone knows that they belong to the top segment of Italian designer furniture. The Italian Pedrali Gliss 904 is a true design classic. The Gliss 904 chairs were designed by Italian Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci. This ensures tha..
€ 121.00
Ex Tax: € 100.00
In stock: 7

Brand: Arper Model: Catifa 46 groenewol Sledepoot
Arper Catifa 46 Green Chair Sled Base The used Arper Catifa 46 is the sister of the Arper Catifa 53. This chair, which is both minimalistic and elegant, has a streamlined profile and fits nicely in various catering establishments. Arpers' 46 chair has a cantilever base, is stackable and ..
€ 302.50
Ex Tax: € 250.00
In stock: 3

Brand: Arper Model: Duna groen leder swivel
Arper Duna Chair Leather Sled Base Delicate and enveloping like a flower, the Duna line is also evocative and contemporary. Born in 2000, its iconic character still makes it a design classic that lends itself to constant reinvention. With a classic design, this chair sets the mood in the offi..
€ 484.00
Ex Tax: € 400.00
In stock: 3

Brand: Wize Office Model: Air+ Conferentiestoel Oranje
Wize Air+ Conference Chair Wize Office is a real winner when it comes to all your solutions in the office or home office. By using fine materials and an eye for design, the Wize range is surprising every season. The Wize Air+ Conference Chair used is designed with comfort in mind and sets a ..
€ 151.25
Ex Tax: € 125.00
In stock: 14

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