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Brand: proof Model: Akoestisch Telefoonhokje Antraciet
Acoustical Calling Hub Antracite You can make calls in peace in this acoustic telephone booth. The walls are filled with high-quality acoustic material and ensure that the sound is muffled. Equipped with a handy worktop including lighting and 2 sockets neatly hidden under the top. Suitable ..
€ 907.50
Ex Tax: € 750.00
In stock: 1

Brand: Vitra Model: Joyn
Acoustical Vitra Joyn Desk Dividers Used Vitra Joyn acoustic divider in orange version. The divider can be placed on the worktop without using screws. Thanks to the divider, you will experience a sense of privacy and noise reduction. The divider is part of the Vitra Joyn bench together with th..
€ 121.00
Ex Tax: € 100.00
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Brand: Overig Model: Akoestische Wandpanelen
Acoustic Walpanels coloured  Deze akoestische wandpanelen combineren hoge akoestische waarden met een stevig paneel. De panelen zijn geproduceerd uit glaswol met een hoge dichtheid. De zichtzijdes zijn hoogwaardig en  stootvast afgewerkt.  De herkenbare kleuren weten in&n..
€ 90.75
Ex Tax: € 75.00
In stock: 16

Brand: Ahrend Model: Scheidingswand
Ahrend Partition wall You can make a partition wall quickly and easily with this Ahrend partition walls. The Ahrend separation walls can be linked so that you can make them so much if you want. For example, by placing a partition wall you can separate the study of the living room. More informa..
€ 151.25
Ex Tax: € 125.00
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Brand: De Vorm Model: AK1 Akoestic Deskdivider
De Vorm AK1 Akoestic Deskdivider Used De Vorm AK1 Acoustic Desk Screen partition wall. Experience the feeling of privacy without completely separating yourself. That is exactly what the AK 1 workplace divider does. It has great sound dampening properties due to the PET felt shell and liquid f..
€ 181.50
Ex Tax: € 150.00
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Model: Sticks
Extremis Sticks   More information Ocazu only sells used products. Used products can have signs of wear and that is why we advise you to come by at all times to look at the products yourself. Do you want more information? Please contact us by email or phone..
€ 240.79
Ex Tax: € 199.00
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Brand: gotesson Model: ScreenIt A30 Akoestisch Scherm 180x66
ScreenIt A30 slide Desk Divider    ScreenIt A30 slide partition wall Used Screen It A30 slide desk  acoustic partition. The divider can be placed on the worktop without the use of mounting equipment. Thanks to the divider, you will experience a sense of privacy and noise..
€ 302.50
Ex Tax: € 250.00
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Brand: Mitab Model: Quiet Riot
Mitab Quiet Riot Acoustic Room Divider The acoustic walls are showroom models, so are still in perfect condition! Nowadays there is more demand for privacy and tranquility in the workplace. This used Mitab Quiet acoustic wall panels from Mitab ensure a quiet working environment and more privac..
€ 1,210.00
Ex Tax: € 1,000.00
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Palmberg Disc Acoustic Divider Wall Palmberg Disc Acoustic Divider Wall
Just in
Brand: Palmberg Model: Palmberg Disc Acoustische Divider
Palmberg Disc Acoustic Divider Wall PALMBERG's DISC has been awarded the Benelux Office Products Awards 2020. Ambient noise, lack of concentration due to environmental stimuli and problems with incident light are frequently heard problems in an office garden. A flexible solution for this is DISC,..
€ 1,155.55
Ex Tax: € 955.00
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Brand: Phonox Model: Phonix Bricks Acoustic Divider
Phonox Bricks Acoustic Wall   Bricks is a very simple system for making your own acoustic wall. The system consists of blocks available in different colours. These blocks are lightweight and slide over the intended panels. In this way you can separate a room very quickly. The big advantag..
€ 3,025.00
Ex Tax: € 2,500.00
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